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           We make all the condos and trees at our family location              in Northwood, Ohio. Made for cat lovers by cat lovers!
Cat Item # Catnip Pillow

Cat Item # Crochet Mouse
Cat Item # Belly Rub
Mice & pom-pom strings are made 
of football lace & designed not to
pull off!

Does your cat love to play? We offer quality toys with the best catnip offered inside. Cats like to hug, throw, and kick our products while they play. Cats find them fun and so will the family! Find their next favorite toy here!
Durable Spring Toys
Cat Item # Spring Toy Mouse
8x8 Base                         

Cat Item # Spring Toy Pom-Pom
Cat Item # Feather Teaser
24" Feather Teaser
3/16" Plexiglass Rod

Cat Item # Mylar Teaser
24" Mylar Teaser
3/16" Plexiglass Rod

4" Catnip Pillow
Fresh Catnip

11" Catnip Belly Rub
Fresh Catnip

No Catnip

8x8 Base                      

Cat Item # Jumbo Belly Rub
14" Catnip Belly Rub
Fresh Catnip

Please contact your local stores for pricing. 

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